irodori Shisei Co., Ltd.

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In order to provide safe and worry-free products that place customer satisfaction first, we perform prototyping and evaluation, and seek to deliver happiness through cosmetics.


Making customers' dreams and wishes clear

Tell us what sort of item or product you want – your dream and wishes for image, concept, dosage form, constituent ingredients, fragrance, production quantity, container, everything.

Investigation, prototyping, evaluation

The first step toward dreams and wishes

We investigate requested details from all angles, and conduct prototyping and evaluation. We begin prototyping by understanding the characteristics of the product.

We repeat prototyping and evaluation based on data, and submit the initial samples.

Sample submission

Polishing and creation of value

We create samples for use by the customer, and repeat prototyping and sample submission as many times as it takes to satisfy the customer with texture, constituent ingredients, fragrance, etc.

Determination of formulation

Giving form to dreams and wishes

We determine the formulation based on finished samples with which the customer is satisfied.

Safety testing

Safe and worry-free product creation

We fill the customer's requested containers with the determined formulation, and confirm safety in order to move toward productization.