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Frequently asked questions

Our customers' frequent questions concerning cosmetics development and production are collected below in Q&A format.

Q. Is it possible for our beauty salon to have an original hair coloring product manufactured?
As a component of our quality control policy, our development and manufacturing of hair coloring products is predicated on working with manufacturers that have acquired manufacturing and sales approval. Please understand that this unfortunately precludes us from dealing directly with beauty salons.
Q. What products are you able to manufacture?
The bulk of our product development and production consists of hair coloring and hair care products. We are confident that we can be of service to you if you are looking to discuss such products. With our experienced Manufacturing Department and our fully equipped facilities, we welcome your inquiries about the aforementioned products or other products.
Q. How much time is required between order and delivery?
A. A simple answer is not possible, as delivery period varies with factors including the shipping volume of the product, the details of production, and the status of our plant and production lines. As we make adjustments to meet the requests of customers, please inquire directly.
Q. We are not experienced in pharmaceutical matters. Is this an obstacle?
A. Our company has dedicated staff in each of our fields, to respond to the varied requests of customers. These include dedicated staff persons charged with addressing customers' concerns regarding pharmaceutical matters.
Q. Do prototype samples require fees?
A. Samples may be provided free of charge or for a charge, depending on a customer's requested conditions, and the scale and details of research, development, and production control. Please inquire directly.
Q. Is it possible for us to deliver ingredients?  
A. Our company offers full support for customers who have particular wishes regarding the ingredients to be blended or the manufacturing method. We also make every effort regarding the investigation or procurement of ingredients. Please inquire directly.
Q. What are the largest and smallest lot sizes possible for mixing?
A. Based on our production experience, mixing is possible for lots of 300kg to 6,000kg for hair care products, and 200kg to 1,000kg for hair coloring products. Please inquire about other volumes.
Q. Does your company handle aerosol products?
A. At present, we do not produce aerosol products using our equipment. Please inquire about handling in the future.
Q. Are you able to produce products with high alcohol content?
A. Please inquire directly, and we will contact you regarding the possibility in terms of our plant standards.
Q. Is it possible to request procurement of materials?
A. We are able to offer one-stop service for cosmetics production, including the arrangement of materials and ingredients. Please feel free to inquire.
Q. What is the minimum product order quantity?
A. A simple answer is not possible, as this depends on the containers and the product volume. However, based on our production experience, the minimum amount for mixing in our mixing cauldrons is 300kg for hair care products and 200kg for hair coloring products. We can handle orders that correspond to these volumes.
Q. We are new to the market, and are not experienced with the product request flow. Can you advise?
A. We offer one-stop support for your products, from product R&D to production, shipping, and delivery. We will work with you to resolve any points of uncertainty or concern you may have, and welcome your inquiry.
Q. Is it possible to request only filling or only mixing?
A. Requests limited to only specific processes are possible, but may depend on our production control and production schedule. Please inquire directly.
Q. How much time is required between a formulation development request and production?
A. A simple answer is not possible, as this depends on the product (quasi-drug product or cosmetic) and the container form. However, using hair coloring agents as an example, it generally requires a period of about 12 months. Please inquire directly about other products.